Pishurayacu, Best Waterfalls in the Jungle

Beautiful waterfalls in the jungle

This is a nice 45 min walk to see 2 waterfalls with a nice ending in the hot springs. Pishurayacu, which name comes from two words in Quechua: “pishura” refers to the intimate part of the woman (namely, the vagina) and “yacu” meaning water. The waterfalls of Carpishuyacu, as it is also known, are within the Amazon Regional Conservation Area “Cordillera Escalera”.

You will have an amazing experience that could be very cheap (as a plus).

How to go to Pishurayacu

To start you would have to go to the bus stop. From our hostel it should be 4 soles on the motocar to get to the “Paradero a Yurimaguas” in la banda de Shilcayo (a district next to Tarapoto). Here some pickup will take you for 5 soles at the back of the car or 10 if you want to go on the cabin – nice price right! Make sure they take you to this waterfall and not to the first one, called Ahuashiyacu, which is very touristic.

It will be a 45 min ride, passing a little town called San José. You get to the entrance of the waterfall, there you will pay 5 soles to the park ranger association. This goes to the cleaning and maintenance of the park, that usually is a family from the area.

And the most amazing part, these waterfalls have a hot spring area before! Suggestion: get there at last.

To come back, you just need a space in any car coming from Yurimaguas to Tarapoto. Same prices on pickups.

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