Cordillera Escalera: Adventure Trek

Adventure trek in the rainforest

This is one of my favorites but is not for everyone: you go up and down in the rainforest, crossing the river 15 times to get to the waterfall -that takes 2 hours. This region has so many things to see and discover that it could be better with a guide who knows the area. You will find 2 different waterfalls: Velo de la Novia and Tamushal. This place is just 15 min away from the city of Tarapoto, the road that takes you here is Jirón Alerta, motocar drivers will know it as the “camino de Takiwasi” (a retreat center of medicinal plants). It should cost 7 – 10 soles max, because they leave you there and go back alone; you can ask the driver to pick you up. Take in consideration that this trek would take 5 hrs. (2 for going, 1 for swimming and relax and 2 for coming back).

The area is so big that you have the choice to go different ways: you can visit the viewpoint, the waterfalls, Julian Pampa native community and more. Also, the ranger association provides well–informed treks for 1, 2 or 3 days in the park for 163 soles per day.

Rainforest night tour

Also you can have a Night tour, with a stay in a beautiful bungalow in the area. You would go out at 9pm to see the spectacular nightlife of reptiles and insects in the park.


The entrance to the park is 10 soles, you can stay in the park for 10 more per night and rent a tent for 20 soles. Boots are available also for 5 soles if you don’t have good trekking shoes.

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(Featured image taken by our friends from Green Mochila)

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