Your home in the jungle: Yuntawasi Hostel Tarapoto

A sneak view into our hostel

A little home away in the jungle city of Tarapoto

You are welcome to our little spot on earth, where you can have a rest in a place you can call HOME, while visiting the Amazon rainforest. In our place you will find comfort, a cozy room, lots of spaces to chill and relax, including a huge hammock for 5 people, some space where you can just read a book, watch a movie or even hang out with friends.

Also, you’ll find a well-equipped kitchen where you can cook, use the oven and a blender to make nice meals. A storage for each person/group will be assigned.

We also have a tiny canteen open every day from 5 to 11 pm: we call it ALQUIMIA Cantina Cultural. There, you can enjoy nice smoothies, beers and homemade cocktails, some veggie snacks and desserts, or try different coffees from the region: AlquimiA mixes nice atmosphere, refreshing drinks and delicious food! Check our next events on our Facebook page.

Our areas are there to be used and we give our hearts to build a beautiful space for you to enjoy. We made this place almost completely by ourselves: all the volunteers that the house has received, committed people who give arts and creativity to make a magical and cozy place, to accomplish the big dream of giving a “home sweet home”. Help us take care of it, feel free and make the energy flow pure and welcoming!

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