Chazuta: Chocolate & Waterfalls

Chazuta is a small jungle town with very friendly people, incredible green areas that include the waterfall of Tununtunumba in the Amazon, the river bank of the Huallaga river and several communities around the river.

What to see in Chazuta

You’ll find here a chocolate factory: Mishky cacao, from entrepreneurial cocoa women, who sell world-class chocolate. You have to try the majambo! They will give you an explanation about the variety of chocolates they have and a small tasting of chocolate and majambo. You can not miss it!

Then you will find the local art museum, with chazutino artisans who will show their variety of vessels, dishes and other works painted with natural pigments.

To Tununtunumba waterfalls there is a walk of 1 hour and a half to reach the site, average walking intensity into the Amazon, only for adventurers. You can take a boat, which takes you through the river to a nearby community, just to enjoy the boat ride.

Artesanos de Wasichay – Museo de arte Chazutino. Amazonian art.

How to go to Chazuta

To get to Chazuta, you need to go to the “paradero a chazuta“, the car will cost 10 soles to go and 10 to come back. The entrance to the museum is 5 soles and the waterfall is free.

Our trek to this area includes the visit of the town: Museum, organic chocolate factory and you can choose between going down the river to a small village or taking a trek to the falls.

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