Laguna Azul & Sauce Hot Springs

Laguna Azul is a magical and energetic place near Tarapoto. You can go and swim in the lake in this mystical place, go to the hot springs to have a spa day or visit the salt mine 50km of natural salt as pure as the famous Himalayan pink salt.

A jungle paradise and a moving island

This jungle paradise has so much to give that you should stay for at least 2 days here and explore a little, hear the mermaid stories from the native community and get impressed by the beautiful moving island. Yes! a moving island you can reach by taking a boat from a place called Fundo Angaiza, a really nice place with incredible people willing to show you around. The entrance is free, there is a restaurant here. To get to this place you just need to take a motocar for 5 soles.

Relax in the hot springs

Another nice place you can go to is a natural hot spring area called Paucaryacu, with very beautiful landscapes and an incredible cave with spirulina and cristal warm water coming out of it.

How to go to Sauce

OK so to get here. You can take a ‘colectivo‘ from the district of ‘La Banda de Shilcayo‘ -it costs 15 soles. Paucaryacu is halfway to the town of Sauce, the entrance is about 5 soles. You can camp here for 5 more (just need to have your tent) and there are also some bungalows for 25 soles the night. So enjoy this magical place!

(All photos taken by our friends from Green Mochila)

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