Where to see the best jungle

For an adventure traveler, the jungle is and remains the ultimate experience. When you walk into the lush rainforest, with a roof of branches above your head and the noises of nature surrounding you, you might be exhausted from the long walk, you might be scared by some oversize insects. But you know you’ll be rewarded with some of the most untouched nature on the planet, and lifelong memories.

Why Visit the Amazon Forest in Peru

If you’re set on exploring the jungle, what you want is unrestrained nature, amazing wildlife and probably a bit of performance hiking. While there are many rainforests in the world, none will give you a similar experience like the Amazon forest, the largest of them all. Most of it is still untouched by civilisation, home to 40,000 species of plants and 3000 edible fruits, 1500 species of birds and 2000 species of animals, and roughly 250,000 Amazon natives. Not for nothing has the Amazon been nicknamed “the Lungs of the World”!
Only in Peru will you have the chance to spot jaguars, pink river dolphins or black spider monkeys during one of your adventure treks in the jungle.

Jungle treks: Iquitos vs. Tarapoto

There are many places to explore this wonderful wildlife in Peru. Unfortunately, most travelers choose the usual destination of Iquitos.True, Iquitos -an island in the jungle, reachable only by plane or a 3-day boat trip along the river-  is attractive. And it does attract. A lot. What you win in adventure on your way to Iquitos, you will lose in authenticity in that tourism-oriented jungle hub.
Tarapoto is different. Tarapoto retains its Peruvian flavour everywhere -on its central square, in its market, included in its rainforest. Plus, the jungle here is moutainous, while the one around Iquitos is flat. 
Keep also in mind that Iquitos, for being so far and remote, tends to be much more expensive than Tarapoto

What to do in Tarapoto

This blog will give you many helpful tips on what to see around Tarapoto, the “City of Palm Trees“. From jungle adventure treks to nature day-trips or visiting indigenous communities, eating cheap local fruits and enjoying homemade aguardiente, look through our articles for inspiration for a great stay in Tarapoto and the jungle of Peru!

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