Where to eat in tarapoto (not for vegetarians)

Last week YUNTAS, present a nice theater show and workshops in the open space of la concha acustica, tarapoto (you can find it on Google maps) next to it, on the corner you can find a huge place of local food called “la esquina del movimiento”(please vegetarians,l don’t be jealous,p we you have you a beautiful falafel and shawarma place just for you on next post) will find open from Monday to Saturday from 5.30pm to 8.30pm perfect for taste all the local food and beverage like cocina, passion fruit, aguajina, cebada and chicha morada. Remember to try the toa fish, grilled and wrapped on a banana leaf, very healthy and add to it the delicious spicy sauce they offer. They will also have different grilled dishes.

Caldo de gallina: a delicious hen soup with nuddles and potatoes.

Inchicapi: peanut and chicken soup one of the local delicious dishes.

Juane: it’s like a tamale but made with rice, egg and spices, with a peace of chicken.

Tacacho: smash plantain that is grilled smashed and mixed with pork oil and salt.

Patacones: just green plantain fried on regular oil.

Cecina: smoked pork in thin slices. Grilled and served with a grilled banana or Tacacho or Patacones.

Chorizo: a regional and of course very greasy local pork chorizo, made with local spices.

Now for vegetarian options we have lots of them find out on the next post!

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