Vegetariana options on the jungle city of Tarapoto

Yes! I know is hard when you have some restrictions on your diet, as YUNTAS, se like to say with “No Muertito”, for no meet on our dish.

Good news! We have lots of vegetarian options, here a list of where you can eat while you’re at the jungle city:

  1. One of the oldest places in tarapoto Mediterranea: Jr. Camila Morey 258, Tarapoto.
  2. A very recommend one. Delicious and beautiful space: Savia Madre, Jr. Gregorio Delgado 374.
  3. Quinoa, well made seitan, as their primary dish. 274, Jr. Bolognesi.
  4. Mix vegetariano, with an amazing pizza as started. Jirón Ramirez Hurtado 342.
  5. Vidax, nice 10soles buffet, drinks included! , Jr. Nicolas de Pierola 135.
  6. El Eden, a nice healthy eating near the main plaza, Jr. Rioja, Tarapoto.

So if you are vegetarian or even vegan, dont worry you won’t starve. All this places are between 10 and 15 soles the full lunch, with a starter, main dish and beverage.

Night time food

You will surprise of the amazing food at night here, for all vegetarians ppl. From pizzas to tacos and shawarma.

Tarapoto have a huge vegetarian consumers, with a very nice options to eat at night. Let me show you our list:

  1. Best pizzas ever! Sachapizza , Jr. Cahuide 396. Remember to try the huancaína one!
  2. Taco ju, tacos and enchiladas, Jirón Lamas 244.
  3. Haolam express, Jr. Perú 337. Shawarmas on the jungle people, nice place and beautiful experience.

Help us share the love for food !! Help us make our page more interesting with your comments! And help us funding more activities for the kids of tarapoto by sharing the source of your recommendation with the places you go!

Hope you have a nice meal.

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