About YUNTAS volunteering program

YUNTAS is a young group of creative people who wants to develop artistic activities in different disciplines. We work together with other organisations, associations and volunteers. Our goal is to create different kinds of arts workshops during the year in several locations, in coordination with the local government and schools .

Here is what we did last year:

  • Painted murals with didactic-educational purposes. The muralization of the fire station of Tarapoto, among others. We worked together with the Municipality of the Banda de Shilcayo (district of San Martín) and different educational entities.
  • Musical artistic presentation in support of the Ministry of Tourism, during the week of its celebration.
  • Workshops on theatre, music and Amazon cultural identity, with the support of historians and experts in indigenous and living history, as well as the organization of ESCAPE (Space of Creation from the Arts: PUCUSANA)
  • Impro workshop to share Impro theatrical resource. Thanks to DIANTRES cultural asociation from lima, we manage to create a festival of Impro with presentations and workshops free for the people who visit “La Concha Acustica” an open space, developed as a sports and cultural activities center.

If you are interested in volunteer with us please let us know about it. We are a self sustainable, self managed group who are willing to develop diferent type of activities in the city, creating this way a cultural exchange between the people of tarapoto and our YUNTAS volunteers. Be creative, with any Idea and let make it happen.

For any intention of volunteer with us:

We are looking for people with some marketing knowledge, to increase our visibility online. HELP us make Tarapoto better know so we can help the ranger communities to get more incomes.

Looking for volunteer on the artistic side! Let us know about your art, we are always on the look for creators to make some magic together, with our capacity of arranging spaces and the willing of doing new things we can make amazing things: please fild the form!

For the year 2019, we hope to create new events to share art with the youth of Tarapoto, during 3 dates of cultural events. These should generate an interaction to encourage creation and participation of the entire educational community, from teachers to kids to parents.

In collaboration with national and foreign students, professors, cultural associations, private entrepreneurs and diverse participative entities, we want to make workshops that extend the principles of ecological awareness and the fundamentals of emotional intelligence.

General idea

Transmit students with human and environmental values, equality, emotional intelligence, etc. through art, games, dynamics and assemblies.

Encourage the participation and assimilation of knowledge by themselves, inspiring and guiding the personal work of the student. It is a matter of not imposing a certain idea, but to guide, through different activities, to the conclusions that we consider appropriate in the way of a more civic and social coexistence.

Adapt to the age and abilities of the students:

  • With adolescents, a more formal work is sought, relying on their analytical capacity, through assemblies and open-ended questions. They will also use different games and dynamics, as well as art, which is a fundamental part of the project.
  • With the small ones we also intend to use participatory assemblies and debates -adapting them to their age- with a greater emphasis on games and dynamics.

One of the basic ideas in the implementation of these workshops is to carry them out of the classroom, in the most natural environment possible, for example on squares or in parks. We aim at motivating the students as much as possible, taking them out of the monotonous classroom environment, hoping for greater participation and interest in the various workshops. We want to run a program throughout the year with different groups and individual artists.