Laguna Azul & Sauce Hot Springs

Enjoy the beauty of the Laguna Azul - Have a swim in its warm water - Relax in the spa and the hot springs -

Chazuta: Chocolate & Waterfalls

Enjoy a day trip to Chazuta, a small jungletown - Eat locally-made chocolate and indulge in traditional art - Hike to pretty waterfalls

Cordillera Escalera: Adventure Trek

Enjoy a breathtaking trek with waterfalls in the Cordillera Escalera of the Alto Shilcayo region - Experience the adventure of a jungle night tour

Huacamaillo, Natural Pool in the Jungle

Enjoy a warm bath in the jungle at Huacamaillo - Easy trek and cheap!

Pishurayacu, Best Waterfalls in the Jungle

Enjoy some of the most gorgeous waterfalls in the jungle - Easily accessible and cheap