Vegetariana options on the jungle city of Tarapoto

Yes! I know is hard when you have some restrictions on your diet, as YUNTAS, se like to say with "No Muertito", for no meet on our dish. Good news! We have lots of vegetarian options, here a list of where you can eat while you're at the jungle city: One of the oldest places … Continue reading Vegetariana options on the jungle city of Tarapoto

Where to see the best jungle


Enjoy one of the best mountain jungle landscapes in Tarapoto, Peru. Here's what to see and what to do.

Cordillera Escalera: Adventure Trek

Enjoy a breathtaking trek with waterfalls in the Cordillera Escalera of the Alto Shilcayo region - Experience the adventure of a jungle night tour

Huacamaillo, Natural Pool in the Jungle

Enjoy a warm bath in the jungle at Huacamaillo - Easy trek and cheap!

Pishurayacu, Best Waterfalls in the Jungle

Enjoy some of the most gorgeous waterfalls in the jungle - Easily accessible and cheap